We really want to focus on quality and that’s why we always push for a private lesson, no matter if you are beginner, intermediate or and advanced student.

This formula allows the instrucotrs to let you learn faster and safer so you can become an independent kitesurfer easier.

but If you feel that you really want to share the lesson with a friend to make it even more fun, why not?!

Our team is made by multi-year experienced instructors speaking english, italian and spanish.

We use radios and video clinics together with the best kitesurf equipment from Naish Kiteboarding.

With the radio you can listen all the instructor's advices even if you are far from him and by watching your lesson videos you will better understand your mistakes.

We believe taht radio helmets and GoPro are two fundamental tools that make the difference.

private lesson naish pro center sicily

Private lesson

For beginners or intermediate

Maximum learning speed

100% focus on you

semi private lesson naish pro center sicily

Semi-private lesson

For beginners or intermediate

One instructor for two people

Maximum fun!

freestyle lesson naish pro center sicily

Freestyle lesson

From basic to advanced tricks

Big airs, rolls and handlepasses…the biggest advantage to learn from a champion is that there is no limit of what you can achieve!

6 hours beginner course: what you will learn?

theory and setup

Theory and setup

Wind window - winds - equipment - safety

flying the kite lo stagnone

Flying the kite

Find the Zenith - side of the wind window - flying the kite with one hand…

body dragging

Body dragging

Moving in the water without the board, downwind and upwind

water start

Water start

Briefing on the land and then in the water…ready to go!

An awesome first experience with the kite!
— Mirko A.
Kite from zero to hero!
— flavia c.
More than a kitesurf holiday
— Francesco F.